Monday, February 28, 2011

Cam Newton: Entertainer, Icon, Future Bust

Cam Newton came out and said he saw himself as an "entertainer" and "icon" already. The guy hasn't thrown one NFL pass, and struggled mightily in his combine workout, yet he's already got big plans as an star NFL QB. If my team was looking at drafting him in the NFL Draft, I would hope and pray everyday that they don't. We see this type of QB come around plenty: big QB, big arm, and loves to run (see Daunte Culpepper etc.) I just don't see why teams keep buying into these QBs. Yes, Micahel Vick is able to thrive with this, although he isn't very big, but he has elite speed. Michael Vick is ridiculously fast, that's what sets him apart. Cam Newton isn't doing anything for me as a football player, and I'm not liking his mental side either so far. While yes he handled the controversy at Auburn pretty well, throw 35 million in guaranteed money and celebrity status he has/ will achieve, and we'll see how he does.

Friday, February 18, 2011

New MJ?

Derrick Rose dropped 42 points and 8 assists Thursday night against a league leading San Antonio Spurs. This was a new career high for him and he had the fans chanting M-V-P all night long. To top this all off it comes on Micheal Jordans 47th birthday. This raises the Rose the next MJ? Some people will say he is...personally for me he is not. About the only thing I can tell they have in common is that they both played for the Chicago Bulls and they both led/lead their team in scoring. Rose has neither a MVP award or a Championship ring and until he has a couple of both of these this should not even be a question.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Interview Meltdowns

Found this little gem the other day! This is one of the reasons I like Jim Rome...I know most people hate his show but when stuff like this happens it kind of takes away all the negatives. I mean this guy has got to have some gigantic kahunas to take on a beast like Jim Everett.

This vid got me wondering what other kind of sweet meltdowns I could find out there so I dug around a bit and found some things. Enjoy!

What should Blake do?

Dear Mr. Griffin,

If you would like to win the Slam Dunk Contest this year do not listen to these kids. The smartest thing this kid said all video was to jump over a truck....but he since that is like commiting suicide this advice should only be taken by Paul Pierce since he is garbage anyways and would not be missed by anyone except for maybe the Heat (0-10 against them today).


P.S. You need to dunk on Ron Artest so he remembers who the real Blake is!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pep Talk

Nothing gets me fired up more than a Herm Edwards pep talk!

I like how they set the mood and everything by dimming the lights and cueing the music while the other reporter slowly backs out of the picture and the camera slowly zooms in for a close up on Herm.