Monday, June 1, 2009

The Metrodome Needs to Go

The Minnesota Twins are building a new stadium, Target Field, and it can't come soon enough. Living in Grand Forks, we're in kind of a dead zone as the closest MLB outdoor stadium is 10 hours away. I recently attended a few games this past week of Twins vs. Red Sox, and the Metrodome just isn't a suitable baseball stadium. While the "Dome" has been the site of many great moments, baseball is meant to be played outdoors, the experience is greatly heightened with the smell of fresh cut grass and slight breeze. Target Field is going to quickly make people realize what they've been missing for the past three decades. Many people will be upset when a game gets rained out or when it's 40º and snowing out, but I'll gladly trade a few rain outs for a summer full of great baseball outside.

While I've only seen a couple outdoor games including Miller Park and City of Palms Park, I plan on crossing a few more off the list this summer attending games at Kauffman Stadium (which I've heard is fantastic) and Busch Stadium. The thought of a game when 80º and the home team is rallying in the 9th with a beer in hand makes me want to drive to a game today!

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