Friday, November 20, 2009

You Play to Win the Game

All anyone is taking out of Sunday night's Colts / Patriots game is the alleged "worst call in the history of any calls that were ever made ever." I disagree.

How many times have we watched Peyton Manning carve up defenses in a two-minute drill to win the game? Plenty of times. Enough times to know that the best defense against it is to never even put the ball in his hands! Faulk gets across that line, Brady kneels, game over, and Belichick is hailed as an evil genius yet again. But since Faulk (allegedly) didn't get across the line, now everyone's wondering if the Patriots are fading away and Belichick has lost it. Whatever.

They could've punted it and watch Manning slice through their D (like he had been doing all half) for 70 yards, or they could've taken a chance to let him do it for 20 yards. Well unfortunately they gambled and lost, but I definitely think it was the right call. Hard for a quarterback to do much without the ball in his hands.

All coaching crap aside, how good was that game?? Colts/Pats never disappoints, hopefully a postseason rematch is in the near future.

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