Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Dan LeFevour: The Rich Man's Tim Tebow

The MAC Championship game is tonight in Detroit. Central Michigan versus Ohio University. Doesn't get much better than this. You should tune in to this game for one big reason: to watch the legend and the myth known as Dan LeFevour!

So who is this Dan LeFevour? Well, let me you. He is a four-year starter at quarterback for Central Michigan. He has led the Chippewas to a 10-win season and what will eventually be another bowl birth. Motor City Bowl baby! In case you didn't already know, LeFervour is also the rich man's version of Heisman favorite Tim Tebow (Wink). Don't believe me? Check out these stats below. LeFevour has better passing numbers and is just as good of running threat than Tebow. Clearly, Tim Tebow wears Dan LeFevour's pajamas and I wouldn't be surprised if LeFevour castrates more boys per year than Tebow.

Career Passing Stats:
LeFevour - 12,255 yards 100 TD's 34 Ints 67% Completion
Tebow - 8,556 yards 84TD's 15 Ints 66% Completion

Career Rushing Stats:
LeFevour - 2,885 yards on 645 Carries 46 TD's
Tebow - 2,833 yards on 668 Carries 46 TD's

LeFevour - Only player in NCAA history to throw for over 12,000 yards are run for 2,500 yards. Third in NCAA History in Total Offense. Tied for the most TD's in NCAA history with 146.

It's almost spooky how similar some of these numbers are. Tim Tebow is great player, but I just think Dan LeFevour deserves some attention. It's very rare that we see a college player have the same kind of success that he's had for 4 straight years (Look at this bio). Just because he plays at a smaller school doesn't mean that his 146 (and counting) career touchdowns shouldn't count. Where would Central Michigan be without him? Probably not playing tonight.
Dan LeFevour for Heisman.

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  1. Looks like he has a way better arm than Tebow!