Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Patriots Trade Randy Moss

In what is an extremely suprising and saddening move to me, the Patriots have traded Randy Moss. I've been reading websites all day so far trying to figure out the exact reasoning for this trade, what the logic was, and how it's going to "benefit" us. Looking at this trade I just don't see the positive. A third rounder for one of the best WR's in the game? I understand he was disgruntled and not happy about not getting his contract, but it seemed as though he was still playing hard. I know he didn't have a catch last game, but no one outside of Wes Welker was getting a ton of looks. The positives that he brought to the offense are going to be irreplaceable, the deep threat will be all but gone now, unless Brandon Tate has some receiving skills he hasn't shown yet. I would've much rather kept Randy for the rest of the season, and gotten nothing for him when he leaves during free agency, as opposed to trading and getting a 3rd rounder. In my opinion Randy is a much better receiver than Vincent Jackson; what were the Chargers asking for him? The Patriots should have started there and built on top of that offer.

The Patriots love to stockpile draft picks, and it looks like that's what this trade does, but for such prolific receiver! One of these days they're actually have to use the picks and get some players to fill in for the top flight players they're trading. They'll most likely get a top-10 pick from Oakland for Seymour, but I'd put money on BB trading down, possibly out of the 1st round as usual. One of these years I believe the Patriots will control every pick in the draft, at least I hope Belichick has something like that up his sleeve, because Tom Brady isn't going to be one of the top-5 QB's in the league forever!

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