Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hurry Up And Sign Him Before He Changes His Mind Again

Some people would say that Brett Favre signing with the Vikings is the biggest story of the day. Those people would be wrong. And dumb. And probably the kind of people you wouldn't want to associate yourself with. The biggest story of the day is obviously that John David Booty won't be wearing the #4 jersey anymore. Apparently, Booty gave his number up to some old guy who is described as being "like a kid out there." Booty is now wearing the #9 jersey for the Vikings. The second coming of Tommy Kramer? That would be an understatement. Take Booty as soon as possible in your fantasy draft. Also, make sure you take Tim Biakabutuka early. You don't want your friends to take him first. Also, light your hair on fire.

Welcome to Minnesota, Brett.

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