Monday, May 11, 2009

The Vikings Are Still Trying To Get Into Brett's Wranglers

Brett Favre is still on the radar of the Minnesota Vikings. Vikings president Mark Wilf said that they are still considering Brett Favre. Most people are getting sick and tired of hearing about Favre coming out of retirement again, but I'm kind of excited about the possibility of Brett wearing purple.

Why would I want Brett Favre playing for my Vikings? The first answer is the most obvious. Just think of how much fuel that puts on the fire of the Vikings and Packers rivalry. The Green Bay legend would be playing for their rival. I would shove that in the faces of every stupid Aaron Rodgers loving Packers fan I know.

The second answer would be that the Vikings could have success with a veteran quarterback. Back in the days of Randy Moss, the Vikings had a couple of older quarterbacks come in and have great seasons. Randall Cunningham had a ridiculous season in 1998. Jeff George followed it up with some good numbers the next year. I would feel much better with an aging Brett Favre behind center than the Rosencopter or T-Jack.

As much as I would like to see Favre in Minnesota, it's probably not going to happen. By now he probably wants to fade out of the spotlight for a while. I don't really blame him. I would get tired of Rachel Nichols digging through my garbage, too.

I do know somebody who would like to take that quarterback job, though....

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