Thursday, September 3, 2009

Today's Thumbs Up and High Five Awesomeness Award Winner...

Kaleb Eulls, come on down!

So you're riding a school bus, doze off while listening to your iPod and wake up to a deranged teenage girl waving a loaded gun around, oh and you have three little sisters on the bus with you. What do you do? Don't answer that, just save yourself the embarrassment, because it's not nearly as awesome as what Kaleb Eulls did.


"I kept my distance for a second, she kind of glanced away or blinked and I got to her," he told the newspaper. He took her down, wrested away the gun, and held it up to show the other kids it was over.
Wow. That is so awesome... it's really nice to hear about some good off-the-field athlete related news. Even better though:

“I just tried to catch her attention to get the girl to point the gun directly at me and not at anyone else,” Eulls said.

He stared her down and would've actually gotten shot so that the others wouldn't. Can we get this kid a movie deal already?

Kaleb Eulls is an 18 year old DE/QB for Yazoo County High School in Mississippi and is a commit to Mississippi State. Kaleb, this TUHFAA's for you.


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