Tuesday, April 14, 2009

For Sale: Pistons Allen Iverson Jersey

What the hell was I thinking? I would like to say that my excuse was that I thought it was a Chauncey Billups jersey without looking at the name on the back, but sadly that's not the case. I'm a bit of an impulse shopper and I was trying to decide between a Chris Paul jersey shirt and an Iverson Pistons jersey (the pickings were pretty slim at this particular store). Being a Pistons fan, I figured the jersey would be a much better idea...how could the Allen Iverson experiment possibly go wrong?!

Well now I'm that guy with an Iverson Pistons jersey... I no longer want to be that guy. It represents one of the most painful seasons in recent Pistons history which will probably end with LeDumbass sweeping us right out of the playoffs. That jersey represents pure evil and I have to get rid of it. Someone please take it off my hands. It's large, red, screened, and awkward... the bidding starts at 1 penny.


  1. chase said that he will trade you the oilers jersey for it

  2. chase was also willing to deal his Bruce Lee shirt. If you remember, Chase almost dealt the Bruce Lee shirt to Dustin G. in 2006 for cash considerations.

  3. If the Pistons get swept by the Cavs you give me that jersey for free.... if they don't get swept I will buy you a NAFL jersey... deal??