Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Rest Of The Eastern Conference

Stuff (Orlando Magic)

Check out Stuff's blog. If you have time, read it. If you don't have time, then just do what I did and look at the awesome pictures. However, I did skim through it and found a few good lines...
· To the guy in the Jose Calderon jersey (who apparently forgot he was in Orlando, and therefore soaked up an entire arsenal of my silly string): it was NOT an accident!
· To 7’1” Primoz Brezec (on the Raptors bench, because he never plays): I haven’t forgotten what you did, and I still think you are a punk. Dragons never forget, so beware or you might get burned.
Harry the Hawk (Atlanta Hawks)

Harry was selected 1st in the NBA draft over notable players Larry BIRD and Patrick eWING. He is also "good" at musical chairs.
And as a bonus, here is the second Atlanta Hawks mascot
Skyhawk is a world record holder. Fan mail can be sent to:
Bird's Eye Bungalow
Above the Rim
Philips Arena

Burnie (Miami Heat)
Burnie was sued in 1994 during an exhibition game in Puerto Rico. Burnie selected a woman from the audience and danced on the court with her during a time-out. The woman turned out to be the wife of a Federal Judge. The woman pulled away from Burnie and fell. Incredibly, Burnie faced 20 years in jail after being charged with aggravated assualt and battery. Burnie was also sued for US$1 million for emotional distress. The media ridiculed the case and the wife repeatedly on late-night TV. The case was settled for $50,000.

Rufus Lynx (Charlotte Bobcats)
Rufus's favorite book is "The Cat in the Hat."

G-Man (Washington Wizards)
G-Man from...Wes Unseld School of Dunks.
The Hawks aren't the only team in this article with two mascots. However, they are the only good team with two mascots.

Gilbert Arenas and Caron Butler believe that G-Wiz is that special ingredient that sparks super special energy that separates them from their opponents. Well...they definitely were separated from their opponents this year. They finished 13 games behind the New York Knicks, the second worst team in the Eastern Conference. Maybe this special energy will help them during the draft lottery where they will have either a 17.7% or 17.8% chance for the first pick, depending on a coin flip against the L.A. Clippers.
Moondog (Cleveland Cavaliers)
Moondog has numerous all-star appearances. He is best known for his behind the back half-court shot. Recently when Moondog was asked what Whammer, the Cavs old mascot, was up to these days he responded "He e-mails the braintrust of the Cavs about twice a week trying to get his old job back. I throw him a bone occasionally and invite him back, mostly to mock him. Finally he's good for a laugh." Moondog is also friends with Hot Dog, Bratwurst, and Polish on myspace.

Benny the Bull (Chicago Bulls)
On July 2, 2006, Benny's portrayer, Barry Anderson, was arrested by an off-duty police officer while performing at the "Taste of Chicago" food festival. Dressed in the Benny the Bull costume, Anderson drove a miniature motorcycle through the festival, although he did not have a permit to do so. When the officer, who was providing security at the event, identified himself as a policeman and called on Anderson to stop, Anderson fled. The officer pursued on foot, and when he caught up with Anderson, Anderson allegedly attempted to punch him in the face, breaking the officer's watch and knocking off his glasses. Anderson has subsequently claimed that the actions were performed in "character", and that he did not intend to cause injury to the officer. He was arrested and charged with battery and driving within the parkway. After Anderson was arrested and charged, his costume was returned to the United Center. The charges were later dropped after Anderson agreed to pay the cost to fix the officer's glasses.

Hooper (Detroit Pistons)

Some of Hooper's stunts include rappelling off the roof of The Palace of Auburn Hills to breaking bricks with his own hoof.
Bowser and Boomer (Indiana Pacers)
Bowser works for a salary of 365 dog bones a year. Boomer's hobbies include dunking with ease, making people smile, and driving his custom go-cat-cart.

Bango (Milwaukee Bucks)
At the 2009 Mascot Challenge, Bango was climbing on the backboard when one of the other mascots shot a ball which hit him in the groin area. Shortly after he was hit, Bango decided it would be a great idea to stand on the rim. While standing on the rim, Bango's right leg slipped through the hoop, got caught on the rim, and he fell through the basket entirely. Bango tore his ACL due to the fall but is still working through the injury, often using crutches or a wheel chair at the Bradley Center.

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