Friday, April 10, 2009

March Madness Might Be Over...But Mascot Madness Is Just Beginning

Mascot Madness is going to be a little segment posted every other third day or more likely when I have some spare time. Basically I'll just show you what everyone wants to see...awesome mascot pictures. Some mascots are well-known, while others are soon to be well-known. So without further introduction, here's what I got...

Lucky the Leprechaun (Boston Celtics)

Lucky's favorite book is "Green Eggs and Ham."

Hip-Hop (Philadelphia 76ers)

Check out Hip-Hops Rabbit Hole. If I were a Sixers fan, and I'm not, my dream car would definitely be the Hare-A-Van.

Sly and Mini Sly (New Jersey Nets)

These two are quite similar to another famous duo.

The Raptor (Toronto Raptors)

The Raptor has a career dunking percentage of .989

Maddie (New York Liberty)

Since the New York Knicks don't have a mascot, I was forced to go to the WNBA. This is a good note to end on. I would also like to point out that Rashanda McCants was drafted by the Minnesota Lynx. I bet Rashad wishes he was still a Timberwolve now.

More to come next time. This is only the beginning.

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  1. haha is that little girl trying to stuff her shirt to look like she has boobs with those balloons??