Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Metrodome Miracle Revisited

You've seen the Favre to Lewis touchdown over and over all week long. Probably so many times that your eyes are bleeding. What I really love about it is how ridiculous it really is. Yes, the play was ridiculous, but there's more to it than that.

Vikings fans haven't seen too many plays like that one. A hell of a pass and a hell of a catch. It just so happens that Brett Favre was playing quarterback for the Vikings. It's so strange to think that the player I grew up hating created one of the best plays in Vikings history.

In a scenario that I've completely made up, there's only one person that would find the Favre game-winner even stranger. A Packers fan goes into a coma after Favre retired as a Packer and wakes up to see the end of the Vikings game on Sunday. So much confusion. Favre is a Viking. Favre throws a touchdown pass to Greg Lewis with two seconds left to take a win from the 49ers. I'm guessing this person probably thinks that they are either in an alternate universe or hell has frozen over. A part of this person wishes that they were still comatose.

I love that scenario so much because now this person has to look forward to Monday night when the Packers play the Vikings and Brett Favre is wearing purple. Things sure do have a strange way of working out, don't they?

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