Tuesday, March 3, 2009

CentSports.com The Poor Man's Betting Website

Most people think they can make millions on sports betting. In fact I was one of them, I was pretty positive that I could accurately predict games well enough to where I could make money off sports! Seemed easy! Well luckily there is this website called centsports.com, it's a sports betting site that is supported entirely by ads. Including your money to bet with! Granted you start out with 10 cents, but that's ten cents you didn't have yesterday. So basically you spend your entire week creeping your way up to a dollar or eventually catching a break and nailing a 5 game parlay to get a little bank roll going, only to lose it all on a mortal lock of the century like Köln vs Arminia Bielefeld in the Germany Bundesliga 1 league (do you know what that is? yeah neither do I, but it's fun to bet on). So while I'm probably never going to make a cent off this website, it settles my urge for sports betting and also keeps me into some sports I don't watch, or teams I don't pay close attention to.

Let it be known though, that some people do cash out a couple hundred bucks off this website! I've had my own account up to 15$ once only to lose a good chunk on the stupid Vikings beating the Giants in a meaningless game with a meaningless 50 yard field goal as time expired. So I encourage you to check it out and try your hand at making your millions from 10 cents.


  1. holy crap... is that guy in the vikings gear Matt Cassel??

  2. It's actually John Cleese from Monty Python... and wow yeah he does look exactly like Matt Cassel in that one picture from high school.