Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Red Sox Hit 4 Consecutive Homers... Again

The Red Sox were sure glad to see Brandon Lyon again. Mike Lowell, Jason Bay, Chris Carter, and Ivan Ochoa went back to back to back to back off Lyon in the 6th inning of yesterdays spring training game. This is the Brandon Lyon that is supposed to be competing for the Tigers closer roll this season. How would you feel with Lyon coming in up 3? I'd say not to confident. I can see this guy being like Joe Borowski with the Indians, bring him in up 3 and hope he only gives up 2. How you tally 45 saves with an ERA over 5 is beyond me. I don't envision Lyon doing much better in the ERA category, and at 4.25 million per you'd expect better. The Twins signing Lyon could have been disastrous with their already ongoing bullpen problems, but instead the Tigers signed him which actually helps the Twins out.

This happening brings back some fond memories that nearly bring me to tears, when the Red Sox went off for 4 consecutive bombs against the Yankees' Chase Wright (Yes I realize the video is a video game reenactment, but the audio is the best part). I remember watching the game at my apartment and freaking out to my roommate who is a Yankees fan after just two home runs. I think I passed out after the third one, because I hardly remember Variteks bomb to cap it off.

I can hardly wait for this season to start, and with the spring flooding happening here in North Dakota, also comes baseball season. For anyone debating whether or not to get MLB Extra Innings? Do it, best choice I've made in a long time. The awesome games you'll get to see, the interesting plays and the fans in the stands make it all worth it.

So here's to the 2009 MLB Season and all the excitement just waiting to burst out!

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