Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Jay Cutler Needs to Get a Haircut and Get a Real Job

Jay Cutler must envision himself as something great the way he is acting. His situation with new head coach Josh McDaniel's has went from "bad to worse", which is completely unacceptable. This guy has done nothing, what is he whining about? He has not made the playoffs, has a losing career record, and has never had a passer rating over 90. He does have one thing going for him already though, he has already perfected the stupid Manning face. You all know exactly the one I'm talking about, the one where Manning throws a pick and he turns to the sideline and gives the face that says "but, but it wasn't my fault, Reggie ran a post route when clearly I said Red 52 ZX Go and gave the interlocking fingers gesture".

Now while I have never been a fan of the Broncos and actually enjoy their demise, I can't help but to mini-hope that they do OK. I'm talking like 8-8 and not making the playoffs, and that's only because McDaniel's is a former Patriot OC. I'm sure the nostalgia towards him will wear off after this year and I can go back to my full out Bronco hating ways.

Cutler becomes upset when he learns the Broncos were making a play for Matt Cassel, and planned on sending him to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Now lets give a little comparison. What did Matt Cassel do last year? Oh just filled in for the best QB in the league while guiding the team to an 11-5 record that should have been good enough to make the playoffs if it wasn't for Brett Favre just playing like a kid again. Cassel also finished with a higher passer rating then Cutler has ever had, he is better scrambler than Cutler and is only going to get better. Finally Cassel is a team guy. He has patiently waited his turn to get his shot, he rode the pine until some opportunity came along and he jumped all over it. Cassel was willing to go back to his position as backup (yes obviously for a huge pay increase), but how many people would say that? Even if he didn't mean it, at least he's got the common sense to sound like a good guy. So Cutler I think it's time to put your ego behind you and prove why you should be the man in Denver.

PS. Julio Lugo must have read my blog about him, because of course he decides to start hitting to the clip of .444. Granted its Spring Training, but apparently he despises me as much as I do him...

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