Thursday, March 12, 2009

Remember When Andre Smith Was Considered The Best Lineman in The Draft?

Yeah, doesn't that seem like a long time ago? This kid was the cream of the crop last fall, but his Sugar Bowl suspension pretty much started the snowball rolling downhill. When the combine started, he wasn't even sure he was going to work out. He even admitted he was out of shape and just began working out again the weekend of the combine. Why would he even admit that? He then said he was going to participate in the combine and then mysteriously didn't appear. At this point, a lot of NFL teams were questioning his work-ethic, fitness, and sanity.

Once he actually showed up, he then posted lackluster numbers and gave awesome interviews:

(Per Smith reportedly dressed "inappropriately" to the visits and gave conflicting reasons for why he wouldn't work out. "Several" offensive line coaches tell Pauline that they want Smith removed from their teams' draft boards.

I wonder what he was wearing? Hopefully it was that ugly Ed Hardy I hate that stuff.

(Per Alabama OL Andre Smith benched 225 lbs. only 19 times at the Crimson Tide Pro Day Wednesday.
Smith's long arms make benching more difficult, but this is certainly fewer reps than expected. Smith's reputation is as a punishing, powerful run blocker. We would've bet on something in the 25-30 range.

pfffft... come on Andre, who CAN'T bench 225 lbs 30 times? Actually, I think I just pulled a muscle typing that last sentence.

Alabama OL Andre Smith was "visibly overweight" at his Pro Day Wednesday, according to
Terms like "not overly impressive," "rough," and "he bombed" are being used to describe Smith's effort.

Is he trying to lose money? When you dedicate your life to football and are projected as a top 5 pick, you figure it shouldn't be that hard to hit the gym and not make an ass out of yourself at the biggest job interview of your life. Just my two cents.

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