Friday, March 6, 2009

Terrell Brandon: The Best Point Guard In The NBA

Terrell Brandon is a 5 foot 11 inch guard from the University of Oregon and was selected 11th overall in the 1991 NBA Draft by the Cleveland "wow, we wear a shitload of throwback jerseys" Cavaliers.

Once upon a time, he was labeled as thee best point guard in the NBA during the 1996-1997 season. (Here's all the proof you need)

So, how does one receive this "Best Point Guard in the NBA" status? Well, its pretty easy. First of all, don't even crack the top 20 in scoring and then finish 19th in assists per game and bam! you're the best point guard in the NBA. Yep, Terrell Brandon was clearly better than John Stockton, who had led the league in assists for the 9 straight seasons before this article and Gary Payton who at the time of this time was averaging 20 ppg and 7.5 assists, while also winning Defensive Player of Year Awards (apparently TB doesn't play defense).

I'm sure Terrell Brandon was a dandy little ball player. I watched him play a few years for the Timberwolves and thought (along with two-headed low-post monster of Dean Garrett and Rasho Nesterovic) he was a nice compliment to KG during the "Oh shit we are never going to get out of the first round playoffs" era.

After all that useless garbage, I realized that the Orlando Magic took Brian Williams, who later became none other than Bison Dele, with the 10th pick in 91' Draft right before TB. Bison Dele went on to have a BLAH career with 5 different teams and then was supposedly murdered by his brother. Also, the Pistons thought they should pay him a shitload of money to be funny. Meanwhile, the Orlando Magic could have had the best point guard ever created, Terrell Brandon. How could Orlando ever recover from such a draft day screw up like that? Well, in case you haven't heard they currently have the best center in the NBA.

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